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Why did I create this blog?

Probably 95% of what I write on this will be related to running and other outdoor adventures I may have. The reasons for wanting to do this in the form of a blog are:

  1. When I’m running a new race, particularly longer ones, I enjoy scouring the interwebs for race reports to help prepare me for the great unknown. Since I find other people’s race reports helpful and at times entertaining, perhaps other people may too find these reports helpful. But probably not entertaining.
  2. I want to become a better, or maybe smarter, runner so writing these should theoretically help me reflect on things I did well, did poorly, etc.
  3. Since my memory won’t last forever, I want to document what is a very important, fun part of my life, and this lets me put it in one clean place, with links and photos and cool formatting if I can figure it all out.
  4. I want to get better at putting thoughts into words–I sometimes think too long even when writing simple emails. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll eventually open up and opine on other facets of life. And I believe openness is a good thing, in theory.

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